Young Marketers

Young Marketers (YM) is DKT Ethiopia’s activity using youth clubs to sell condoms to non-traditional outlets - bars, kiosks, pensions, hotels, and supermarkets - across Ethiopia.


In YM, DKT Ethiopia sells condoms to participating clubs, which resell them on a commission basis in their communities.


Salespeople and clubs share profits, with salespeople keeping approximately 80% of profits and clubs the remaining 20%.



Project Justification:

DKT Ethiopia initiated YM in May 2007 in collaboration with The German Foundation for World Population (DSW). The pilot included nine (9) clubs and was an attempt to identify a cost-effective means of retail condom distribution while also providing income-generation opportunities for youth.


The pilot proved successful - YM clubs averaged sales of 50,000 condoms per month - and DKT Ethiopia and DSW rapidly scaled-up the initiative.




YM has become an integral part of DKT Ethiopia's condom distribution strategy, accounting for approximately half of all the condoms distributed by the organization.


As of December 2017, YM's 150 clubs and ~500 salespeople have distributed 204,754,475 condoms, generating 150 million Birr in revenue and millions of Birr in profits for Ethiopian youth.



YM currently provides income-generation opportunities for approximately 500 individuals (see article here). It has also proven an excellent source of sales talent for DKT/E's mainstream sales activities. To date, DKT/E has hired several YM salespeople as full-time sales staff and clubs continue to be sources of high-quality sales talent.



Future Directions:

DKT Ethiopia will continue to strengthen the capacity ofYM clubs to distribute condoms in their localities.


DKT Ethiopia will also continue to explore opportunities to sell other products through YM. Currently, YM clubs are only permitted to sell condoms. However, it may be possible in the near future to expand YM to include LemLem oral rehydration solution (ORS) as well as oral contraceptive pills (OCP), both of which are sold in non-pharmaceutical outlets in many other countries.


Contact Abeje Israel, DKT/E's National Sales Head, for more information on YM.



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