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  • Keep the one you love protected with Sensation condoms. Comes in coffee, mint, honey, cinammon, and original scents. Make your life Sensational.

  • Clinically formulated oral contraceptive pill designed to reduce side effects while ensuring you have the protection you need.

  • Even with a breastfeeding baby, it's still possible for some women to become pregnant. That's why there's I-plan. Insurance for your plan that's safe for your baby.

  • Membership Has Its Pleasure! DKT/E's newest condom brand, Members Only.

About DKT/E

DKT/E’s Mission

DKT/E’s mission is to provide a continuous supply of and promote high quality condoms, contraceptives, and other maternal and child health products throughout Ethiopia.


Social Marketing

Most of the world's HIV and family planning problems can be dramatically reduced by relatively straightforward behavioral changes, such as using condoms and other birth control devices. Social marketing is a key means of achieving this change, by leveraging commercial infrastructure - consumer and health delivery networks - to deliver donor-supplemented products.

Where We Work


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