• DKT/E's Likke Project uses markets to deliver and promote contraceptives in rural areas across Ethiopia.

  • Keep the one you love protected with Sensation condoms. Comes in coffee, mint, honey, cinammon, and original scents. Make your life Sensational.

  • Clinically formulated oral contraceptive pill designed to reduce side effects while ensuring you have the protection you need.

  • Even with a breastfeeding baby, it's still possible for some women to become pregnant. That's why there's I-plan. Insurance for your plan that's safe for your baby.

  • Membership Has Its Pleasure! DKT/E's newest condom brand, Members Only.

About DKT/E

DKT/E’s Mission

DKT/E’s mission is to provide couples in Ethiopia with affordable and safe options for family planning and HIV/AIDS prevention through dynamic social marketing.


Social Marketing

Fast. Mainstream. Cost-effective. Social marketing deploys commercial infrastructure - markets, pricing, and networks - to sell products at a scale that can dramatically improve public health problems. In Ethiopia, DKT/E focuses on selling HIV-prevention and reproductive health (RH) commodities with the assistance of a number of international donors.

Where We Work

DKT TigrayDKT AmharaDKT AfarDKT Benishangul-GumuzDKT Addis AbabaDKT Dire DawaDKT HarrariDKT SomaliDKT OromiaDKT SNNPRDKT Gambela

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