• DKT/E's Likke Project uses markets to deliver and promote contraceptives in rural areas across Ethiopia.

  • Keep the one you love protected with Sensation condoms. Comes in coffee, mint, honey, cinammon, and original scents. Make your life Sensational.

  • Clinically formulated oral contraceptive pill designed to reduce side effects while ensuring you have the protection you need.

  • Even with a breastfeeding baby, it's still possible for some women to become pregnant. That's why there's I-plan. Insurance for your plan that's safe for your baby.

  • Membership Has Its Pleasure! DKT/E's newest condom brand, Members Only.


July 2013 - June 2014 was a period of sustained contraceptive distribution for DKT/E, as the organization delivered 2.6 million couple years protection (CYP...

Featured Product

Hiwot Trust

Hiwot Trust is DKT's first condom brand and one of the most widely recognized products in the country. Introduced in 1990, Hiwot Trust is lubricated and manufactured...

About DKT/E

DKT/E’s Mission

DKT/E’s mission is to provide couples in Ethiopia with affordable and safe options for family planning and HIV/AIDS prevention through dynamic social marketing.


Social Marketing

Fast. Mainstream. Cost-effective. Social marketing deploys commercial infrastructure - markets, pricing, and networks - to sell products at a scale that can dramatically improve public health problems. In Ethiopia, DKT/E focuses on selling HIV-prevention and reproductive health (RH) commodities with the assistance of a number of international donors.

Where We Work

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