Call for Consultancy Service: Brand Equity Research

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DKT Ethiopia
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Eskatnaf Getachew
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Call for Consultancy Service: Brand Equity Research
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Addis Ababa, Regional Cities
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DKT Ethiopia (DKT/E) has been promoting family planning and HIV/AIDS prevention through social marketing since 1990. DKT Ethiopia is one of the largest suppliers of family planning and reproductive health products in Ethiopia, reaching 13,000 private pharmaceutical and clinical outlets with direct sales and many more through indirect channels. DKT Ethiopia uses targeted and measurable marketing techniques to communicate public health messages to prevent unwanted pregnancy and HIV in Ethiopia.


To promote safe sexual behavior, DKT Ethiopia has been marketing different types of branded condoms, including Hiwot Trust (three types), Sensation (eight types) and Members Only (discontinued in 2015). The role of DKT’s condom brands are to grow the total market by increasing condom use among sexually active men and women.


Branding and Brand Equity have been defined as “a set of associations linked to a name, mark, or symbol associated with a product or service”. Brand equity represents the value that the brand holds for consumers. Brand equity is what the brand stands for in the hearts and minds of consumers, and as a metric, it captures their identification with and intention to purchase, use, and engage with the brand. It is a primary driver of product and behavioral choice, especially for reproductive health commodities such as condoms.


Brand equity consists of multiple dimensions, including perceptions of quality, loyalty and perceived value, which, when measured, can guide decision-making early in an intervention particularly in evaluating initial promotional efforts. Over time, brand equity would be expected to influence behavior and, as such, is a potentially useful component in segmentation analyses and an essential component of outcome evaluations.


Social marketing interventions develop, promote and create awareness about a brand that may refer to a behavior, campaign or product. DKT has contributed significantly in meeting the demands for condoms in Ethiopia. Since 1990, DKT has distributed more than 1.2 billion condoms. The year 2010 was the highest recorded distribution for DKT Ethiopia, when 85 million pieces of condoms were sold.


However, there has been an observed steep decline in DKT condom sales in the last 5 years. DKT sold over 80.3 million units in 2011, 64.9 million in 2012, 58.2 million in 2013, 58 million in 2014 and 59.4 million in 2015.  DKT could not plan and distribute condoms more than 60 million a year since 2013. Now the question facing DKT Ethiopia is about the current brand equity of Hiwot Trust and Sensation condoms and how the brands should be actively managed in the overall marketplace.



In this study, we examine the role of Hiwot Trust and Sensation brand equity and their potential to help in growing the total market for condoms and evaluate the effectiveness of branding in promoting overall condom use as an HIV prevention behavior. The study will also have the following specific objectives:


  • To determine the current brand equity in Hiwot Trust and Sensation condoms
  • To identify any differences between Hiwot Trust and Sensation condoms and other in-market brand equity between specific audience segments and brand attributes
  • To know higher brand equity in Hiwot Trust and Sensation condoms and other in-market brands associated with willingness to pay higher prices for condoms overall or for specific brands
  • To identify the reasons for decreasing condom sales
  • To determine the impact of promotion and advertising on condom sales
  • To identify the current perception of consumers about HIV/AIDs and awareness of STIs

Currently, DKT Ethiopia would like to hire consulting firm to carry out the brand equity research. The findings of this study will be used to measure current brand equity, actively manage brand equity, and increase equity through future brand repositioning, marketing, and management. Study results will also inform decisions about how to grow the total condom market in Ethiopia by establishing appropriate prices for socially marketed products that would permit commercial brands to enter the market in the future.



DKT suggests both quantitative and qualitative research methods should be applied. The user-intercept study design will be used to collect data. Detailed methodological approaches should be clearly stated in the technical proposal.


Scope of Work

  • This study is expected to encompass 20 towns and about 1,100 people will be interviewed.
  • DKT Ethiopia's team has prepared the technical proposal including the methodological approach, study areas, and data collection tool for quantitative and qualitative methods. The selected consulting team is expected to be involved in finalizing the research design and data collection tools with DKT's team.
  • Hire enough number of interviewers and supervisors who have participated in large-scale socio-demographic/marketing surveys and can speak local languages.
  • Provide intensive training that includes both theoretical and field (practical) training.
  • Pilot testing in areas which are not selected for the actual study.
  • In order to guide the process, the consultant will submit the pilot data set for analysis and inception report which include interpretation and understanding of the deliverables, timeframe of the task, tools to be used for collecting data (after pre-testing of tools) and a summary describing the whole process and how to go about the next steps before proceeding to the actual data collection.


Key Activities and Responsibilities

  • All interested firms are expected to develop a technical proposal that clearly defines the time line and methodological approach for data collection, data quality assurance technique, data entry and analysis and report writing. They should include their comment and suggestion on the technical proposal (to indicate the firm's understanding and feedback on the technical proposal and survey instrument)
  • Prepare a detailed financial proposal


Specific activities after agreement

a) Preparation Phase:

  • Review and finalize the study proposal including specific objectives, methodology, sampling procedures, timeline, data collection, field supervision, quality control, data entry, data analysis and reporting with DKT Team.
  • Finalize data collection tools and translate to local language(s)
  • Submit final technical approaches and tools to DKT team for approval
  • Submit operation plan/inception report

b) Training and Pre-testing Phase

  • Conduct pre-testing of survey tools and present the findings to DKT team and get approval for the actual data collection
  • Train the data collection team in collaboration with DKT team.

c) Data collection

  • Conduct field supervision and monitoring during data collection
  • Provide technical assistance during data collection period

d) Data processing and reporting

  • Submit data entry template for the study  to DKT team before starting data entry (using CSPro) for approval
  • Perform data entry  
  • Conduct data cleaning
  • Conduct data analysis
  • Develop draft reports and submit to DKT Ethiopia for feedback
  • Debriefing at DKT Ethiopia office
  • A final report will be produced at the end of the agreement period (seven weeks)



DKT Ethiopia's Research Team will oversee the process and be responsible for accountability and guidance throughout all phases of execution, and approval of all deliverables, including:

  • Data collection tools
  • Workplan and proposed outline of the pilot test report will be submitted within one week after signing the agreement
  • Raw data sets in SPSS and CSPro
  • Syntax used for analysis
  • Draft survey report for review
  • The Final report (both in hard and soft copies) will be submitted to DKT Ethiopia, incorporating all comments and feedback. All reports should have standard report writing sections with all required annexes included. All data collection tools used (both in English and Amharic) and the datasets should also be delivered to DKT Ethiopia.


Criteria for Selecting Consultant

Qualifications and Experience

  • The consultant team shall consist of professionals and should possess a minimum of postgraduate degree in the field of market analysis, health, public health, development studies, demography/population studies, Statistics or related fields and should have at least 5 years of proven experience in undertaking projects of similar scope. Applicants should also have excellent analytical and report writing skills.


Timing and Reporting

The data collection and production of final report is to be completed within seven weeks. The contract is for a fixed period of six weeks and is not subject to renewal.



40% upon signing of contract, 30% after submitting first draft report and remaining 30% upon completion of final report.


Submission of Proposal

Interested consultants are expected to collect technical proposal prepared by DKT Team free of charge and submit proposals within 10 days after the date of advertisement. Technical and Financial proposal, including timelines and budget estimates, should be submitted in separate envelopes and should be submitted to DKT Ethiopia office in person.


  • Documents such as personal profiles and other credentials with a covering letter should be included with the Technical proposal.
  • Technical and financial proposals should be submitted to DKT Ethiopia to the address given below before or on July 14, 2016 (in person)
  • The DKT team will review submitted technical and financial proposals of consultants. There could be a probability of presenting proposals at DKT office by the top three consultants to make our final decision.


DKT Ethiopia

In front of Bole Bridge Near to Brass Hospital

WOMSADCO Building, 3rd floor

Tel No: +251-11-6632222

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2016-07-14 00:00:00